What could Teens and Voice Confidence teach you?

By Rose Morley, Findhorn Flower Essences Advisor and Bach Essences Practitioner

We all remember our teenage years well, don’t we? Getting into trouble perhaps, hormones raging, nights out and having a laugh with our friends or perhaps being a bit quieter than the rest and being left to our own devices, just a few of the things we used to get up to.

What about now, do you have teenagers of your own or work in a setting that cares for teens? Are they having a particularly hard time, have they found it hard to cope with the pandemic? Do they experience a bit of sibling rivalry perhaps, or seem shy and introverted? There are so many potential scenarios for today’s teenagers. The great news is, many flower essences could be of great benefit!

As a qualified aromatherapist, I love to recommend the essential oil of Geranium, not to be confused with Rose Geranium, as it is a slightly different species. Geranium oil when used topically on the skin, mixed with a base oil so as not to irritate, can be a great hormone balancer and excellent for that teenage oily hormonal skin; but on the emotional side, it’s great to help with mood swings, anxiety, PMS and depression. Use it in an oil burner or diffuser. The Findhorn Essence of Lady’s Mantle can be paired with this oil, to help your teenager to be more balanced and in harmony with emotions and thoughts.

What else could your teenager need help with? How are they communicating? Well, several suggested essential oils help within this area of communication and expressing one’s inner voice: Geranium, Jasmine, and Rose. Why not intuitively choose the one that resonates best or see which one your nose is attracted to, or ask your teen to pick for themselves?

Don’t forget the easy-to-use Findhorn Combination Oral Spray Essences like Voice Confidence or Teens, which both contain the Lady’s Mantle as previously mentioned and come in a 25ml PET easy to carry bottle. Similarly, the solo essence of Holy Thorn helps us to speak our truth, with love and acceptance for ourselves and others. Perhaps for teenagers, it is their acne that puts them off their stride? Holy Thorn invites you to love yourself unconditionally.

The Findhorn Gem Essence of Emerald is also one to think about as it helps us with our Communication and the Findhorn Element Essence of Ether is one to mention as it benefits the throat chakra, allowing one to be able to speak your thoughts and not hold them back. We want teens to feel supported and free to be themselves by expressing their true nature!

Back to the combination sprays of Teens and Voice Confidence from Findhorn Essences, there’s a wonderful little flower essence called Rose Alba that’s in both of these mixes. This keynote is POWER as this flower invites you to “walk your talk” and channel your creative power through words, which as we know, are not always easy to find when we feel nervous.

Would you like to be able to let your inner beauty and light shine and express yourself with calmness? Then Sea Holly could be the solo essence for you as it helps us to be spontaneous and find the courage to be able to go out and enjoy socials. Sea Holly is all about finding our inner brilliance and being open and able to keep our inner barriers in a more comfortable position.

All of the Findhorn Essence combination sprays are easy to use, small, and compact that can easily fit into your pocket. I often carry this Teens remedy myself and I’m not even a teenager — but relate to many of these key teen issues. Perhaps you do too? Why not support your ‘inner teen’ (or actual teenager) with the Teens or Voice Confidence combination? Or perhaps Sea Holly, Rose Alba, or Lady’s Mantle are calling you? Whichever one you choose to try, see what sensations, thought patterns, and emotions arise and know the flowers are always here to support you.

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