Time for Transformation

By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

I write to you at this sacred time of the Vernal Equinox, a time of great power for transformation and rebirth in all life! Depending on which side of the globe you live, you will be entering into either the Spring or Autumn Equinox. We naturally mirror this global ‘outer’ change within our own ‘inner gardens’, so this is a great time to ‘plant seeds’ of change…

When the sun’s annual pathway and the celestial equator intersect, we have an Equinox. This happens twice annually when there is a change in the direction that the sun’s rays fall upon Earth. With all of life dependent upon the sun, just imagine the energy of celebration at this time for all living species.

NOW IS A SCARED TIME The essences are wonderful when incorporated into sacred festivals and celebrations. Do you have any seeds you wish to plant this Equniox? Are there any ideas that have been arising, ready to begin watering?

Transformation is a wonderful combination essence that helps us shift through any rigid thought forms — patterns of behaviour and habits that hold us back. When we feel ready to shift our energy, Transformation supports us in making these inner changes on an emotional level. Transformation helps harmonise opposing parts of ourselves by cultivating an inner strength needed to make sacrifices to serve our highest purpose.

If you don’t feel ready or the need to make such big changes, the wonderful combination essence of Life Force is a great essence to take at the Equinox, when we want to welcome in new energy and change in the form of shifting energy.

UPLIFT YOUR MOOD THIS SPRING EQUINOX with Life Force, which helps raise our outlook when we feel weary or drained by activating our internal energy centres to help stimulate the body’s natural powers of repair and renewal. The key solo flower in Life Force is the flower of Gorse — wild and golden yellow with a strong coconut scent, it is the pure essence of Joy, Optimism and Enthusiasm — offering us a renewed sense of vitality.

FANCY GETTING CREATIVE? WHAT ABOUT MAKING YOUR OWN ALTAR? Marianne Williamson says, “That which is placed on the altar is altered”, highlighting that as we make offerings, our offerings are changed into even higher manifestations of power. Your altar is an outer representation of your inner attunement. It’s a way of honouring yourself by having a place that represents your ideals. Over time, just entering into the space of the altar has an effect on your energy. The Chopra website (link below) offers some great tips for creating an altar and explains:

“An altar is a sacred space or place that is used for ritual. Altars have been used for millennia in religious ceremonies and holy architecture. Traditionally the site of a sacrifice or ritual, typically associated with making offerings to God or Gods… Altars represent a way to connect with your spirituality. Altars can be found in a temple, home, garden …

As many of you know, our FINDHORN ESSENCE SACRED MISTS were created to be used at your altar, in times of meditation, healing and spiritual practice. We have Sacred Earth for Grounding, Sacred Space for Clearing and Sacred Light for Uplifting. They are wonderful for any kind of ritual as they have been made from the elemental essences, gem essences and flower essences and combined with pure essential oils for an essence vibration with incredible, potent scent.

RUMI ROCKS! Bringing in some inspiration from one of my favourite poets is the Sufi mystic and theologian, Rumi (1207-1273). He’s become one of the world’s most beloved poets and poured out thousands of verses expressing high-soaring love for the beloved, higher spirit. You may like to incorporate a poem or blessing such as the above into your Equinox altar, meditation, ceremony, or essence taking.

Wishing you all a rich time of ‘turning inward’ and remind you of the words of our Findhorn founder Eileen Caddy — “All is very well.” Equinox Blessings!


Watch this stunning video of Gorse (key flower in Life Force) in the Findhorn Dunelands

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Watch Iona’s EQUINOX VIDEO for some inspiration

Rumi Poetry

Ideas for creating a sacred Altar space at home

Eileen Caddy’s Book ‘Opening Doors Within’

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