• Gloria Seidler

    I am an Energy Healer and teacher/coach first and foremost. I have been gratefully serving clients and students worldwide (in person and long distance) for over 20 years.My “tools” include Brennan Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Chinese medicine, essential oils, and of course flower essences! I offer a free phone consultation.

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  • Contact Name: Gloria Seidler
  • Address: Burlington,
    VT 05401
    New York
  • Phone: (802)658-7729
  • Healings With Zoe

    I am an intuitive healer, light worker and Sharman-in training.

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  • Phone: 0061 400 029 443
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  • Holistic View – ENGLAND

    International Network of Healing
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh 2001
    Location: England, UK
    I work with clients on a one to one basis either at home, Skype or Zoom. I have been using Findhorn Flower Essences since 2001 and am an energy healer, having completed my training in 2002 with The International Network of Energy Healers (INEH). I trained in counselling studies in 2005 and then went on to channeling Angelic Reiki. I use Findhorn flower essences along side the healing, to support the client once they leave the nurturing session. I also use the essences to give new energy to my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix clients.

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  • Contact Name: Sharon Bentley
  • Mobile: 07966159238
  • Phone: 01305854818

    chakradance™ facilitator, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Iona Leigh in 2021 and Sara Estelle Turner
    Location: Leicestershire, UK
    I offer personalised consultations, resources, support and guidance to help others awaken their true essence.  My aim as a practitioner is to help others be true to themselves, to recognise & honour their uniqueness as well as bring more balance and harmony into their lives.  I love Findhorn Essences having discovered them whilst undertaking a priestess journey and I’m so proud to say that I am a Findhorn Flower Essence Practitioner.  I’ve also completed an advanced flower & vibrational essence practitioner course with Sara Estelle Turner of Essentially Flowers, which is also accredited by the BFVEA.  I enjoy working (and playing) with tarot & oracle cards and I love incorporating the chakra system into all my healing work.  Along with my essence work, I am a licensed chakradance™ facilitator, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner using both the Usui method & the gentle Heart of Mary Magdalene energy.

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  • Contact Name: Kathryn Parker
  • Mobile: 07902 062 072
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  • Mary Clarke

    I have a background of over twenty years as a medical doctor; at first I worked as a General Practitioner and then went into Hospice and Palliative Care work. When my son went to university in 2010, I took the opportunity to explore avenues that had long been beckoning and now I am no longer working as a medical doctor, but very much enjoying life as a Complementary Therapist. I have completed Angelic Reiki training to Master’s level and have a VTCT level 3 qualification in Reflexology. I am also trained to offer personalised prescriptions of the beautiful Findhorn Flower Essences.

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  • Contact Name: Mary Clarke
  • Address: Bingley BD16
    Keighley BD20
    West Yorkshire
  • Mobile: 07554 285475
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  • Positive Essence

    I am based in Kilbirnie a small town in North Ayrshire, Scotland and I have been working with Flower Essences for 15 years or so, both on a personal level and with clients.

    I work with people of all ages through in-person or online consultations via Skype, Zoom or email and I am also happy to arrange for home visits or telephone consultations where necessary.

    Alongside offering Flower Essence consultations to people I am a qualified canine behavioural trainer and have lived & worked with a variety of animals over the years. As a result I have a particular interest in working with animals and their guardians to overcome relationship, behavioural and other issues using Findhorn Essences combined with the latest training methods.

    In addition to Flower Essence consultations I offer Reiki, (for people and animals) and a variety of workshops teaching about the benefits of Flower Essences.

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  • Contact Name: Mandie Danks
  • Address: Positive Essence
    KA25 7EA
    North Ayrshire
  • Mobile: 07946 202756
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  • Tir Na nOg

    Oona McFarlane (MA Hons), Reiki Master Teacher, Neter Seichim Master Teacher, SUNDOOR Advanced Firewalk Instructor and Trainer of Instructors, NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner

    “I co-founded Tir na nOg in 2004, and continue to run the centre, practise therapies and run workshops and firewalks in this beautiful spot, and nationally and internationally.

    My interest in personal development began in my early twenties, and in the past 15 years I have studied a wide range of healing modalities, spiritual paths, and personal development approaches, which have seen me through many of life’s inevitable ups and downs (the usual stuff: life choices, work struggles, relationships, parenthood, divorce, single parenthood, life choices, work struggles, dog ownership.. you may be familiar with these, and more..). My experiences with energy healing, with NLP and Hypnosis, and with Fire, which I find to be a magical and inspiring tool for healing and change, have not just helped me to cope with – and sometimes even thrive on – the challenges that life brings, but to help others access the support and resources to allow them to fully engage and grow with the possibilities in their personal journeys too.

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  • Contact Name: Oona McFarlane
  • Address: The Stabels,
    Balfron Station,
    G63 0NF
  • Phone: 01360 449300
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  • Yvette Plimmer

    When I lived in Australia a clairvoyant said to me that I had healing powers in my hands, and that I should absolutely use them. I looked at my hands and did not believe it. A few years later another sensitive told me the same thing and this was repeated again in 2002. I listened and completed my training in Reiki and received a masters degree in 2010. Today I give treatments and offer trainings.

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  • Contact Name: Yvette Plimmer
  • Address: 8008 Zurich and
    8910 Affoltern am Albis ZH
  • Mobile: 078 627 77 43
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