• Fiona Dilston – SCOTLAND

    Homeopath and Counsellor
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2003
    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    I am a Registered Homeopath, EFT Master Practitioner and Counsellor and have worked with a large range of healing modalities for over twenty years. I work very sensitively and intuitively drawing on my range of skills to support you in your journey back to health and wellbeing. I have treated and continue to treat people of all ages from all walks of life. I love to hear peoples’ stories, unravel their issues and help them regain their health and a deeper understanding of themselves.

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  • Contact Name: Fiona Dilston
  • Phone: 0845 4639429
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  • Gloria Seidler

    I am an Energy Healer and teacher/coach first and foremost. I have been gratefully serving clients and students worldwide (in person and long distance) for over 20 years.My “tools” include Brennan Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Chinese medicine, essential oils, and of course flower essences! I offer a free phone consultation.

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  • Contact Name: Gloria Seidler
  • Address: Burlington,
    VT 05401
    New York
  • Phone: (802)658-7729
  • Holistic View – ENGLAND

    International Network of Healing
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh 2001
    Location: England, UK
    I work with clients on a one to one basis either at home, Skype or Zoom. I have been using Findhorn Flower Essences since 2001 and am an energy healer, having completed my training in 2002 with The International Network of Energy Healers (INEH). I trained in counselling studies in 2005 and then went on to channeling Angelic Reiki. I use Findhorn flower essences along side the healing, to support the client once they leave the nurturing session. I also use the essences to give new energy to my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix clients.

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  • Contact Name: Sharon Bentley
  • Mobile: 07966159238
  • Phone: 01305854818
  • Lesley Munro

    My style of practice is influenced by my many years of working as a social worker. It has been my privilege to work closely with families and children – to support them but also to learn from them. It is my aim that we work together in partnership – you know the changes which you need to make in your own life and health. My choice of remedies aims to offer you a catalyst to make positive changes to enhance your wellbeing.

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  • Contact Name: Lesley Munro
  • Address: Mulberry House,
    21 Manor Place,
    EH3 7DX
  • Mobile: 07871 198 843
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  • Mary Clarke

    I have a background of over twenty years as a medical doctor; at first I worked as a General Practitioner and then went into Hospice and Palliative Care work. When my son went to university in 2010, I took the opportunity to explore avenues that had long been beckoning and now I am no longer working as a medical doctor, but very much enjoying life as a Complementary Therapist. I have completed Angelic Reiki training to Master’s level and have a VTCT level 3 qualification in Reflexology. I am also trained to offer personalised prescriptions of the beautiful Findhorn Flower Essences.

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  • Contact Name: Mary Clarke
  • Address: Bingley BD16
    Keighley BD20
    West Yorkshire
  • Mobile: 07554 285475
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  • Penny Lowery

    Penny is a qualified acupuncturist and NAET practitioner with over thirty years’ experience.

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  • Contact Name: Penny Lowery
  • Address: Crediton,
  • Phone: 01363 777261
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  • Primary Prevention

    Primary Prevention Practitioner Ay Ses Dunya has grown into this business all that is needed to harness the presence of improved wellness works within. Recent Graduate of Ontario College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 25 certifications in various healing modalities to serve you better.

    Her unique approach to non-invasive forms of Acu-treatments showcases that. Using Findhorn Flower Essences in her Acu-Tincture treatment was an organic natural procession as the quality of these flower botanicals is exactly what she was looking for in order to promote deeper healing for those in need that want to AVOID NEEDLES BUT STILL HAVE AN EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ACU-POINTS/MERIDIANS TREATMENT. Whether you are looking towards Prevention medicinal modalities, or are seeking to simply maintain your present levels of wellness, or perhaps you are struggling with a long-term illness issue or two… whatever the reason Ay Ses Dunya extends an invitation and welcomes you.

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  • Contact Name: Ay Ses Dunya
  • Phone: 647-465-1896
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  • The Northwood Holistic Centre

    My approach is holistic and is directed at improving health, well-being and quality of life.

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  • Contact Name: Susan Vanner
  • Address: Watford
    WD25 7ND
  • Mobile: 07949 315 481
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