• Joyce Pujol Smit – SPAIN

    Counsellor, Constellator and Reiki Master
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2019
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    In the course of my life I have enjoyed living in various countries such as Spain, Holland, Germany, Austria and the United States and each place has contributed to my way of seeing life. During the past 12 years I have been expanding my skills in different streams of therapies, achieving the Master Level at Usui Tibetan Reiki and Energy Re-balancing based on Archetype analysis. In addition, I have been working with E. Bach Flower essences for 13 years and I am a Certified FES California Essences and Findhorn Essences Practitioner.
    For the Life Flow sessions I apply different modalities of Essences combined with energy and art work, dedicating my knowledge to support you improving your life finding happiness and meaning. I offer therapeutic “Life Flow Healing” sessions on a one-to-one basis via telephone, email, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom or face-to-face in Español, English, Netherlands and Deutsch. I also collaborate with solidarity projects and do volunteer work within my field. If you have any project for which my work could be helpful, please contact me via e-mail.

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  • Contact Name: Joyce Pujol Smit
  • Mobile: +34 687404774
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  • Mary Clarke

    I have a background of over twenty years as a medical doctor; at first I worked as a General Practitioner and then went into Hospice and Palliative Care work. When my son went to university in 2010, I took the opportunity to explore avenues that had long been beckoning and now I am no longer working as a medical doctor, but very much enjoying life as a Complementary Therapist. I have completed Angelic Reiki training to Master’s level and have a VTCT level 3 qualification in Reflexology. I am also trained to offer personalised prescriptions of the beautiful Findhorn Flower Essences.

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  • Contact Name: Mary Clarke
  • Address: Bingley BD16
    Keighley BD20
    West Yorkshire
  • Mobile: 07554 285475
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  • Melanie Clark Centre

    Bienvenidos! Nuestra Escuela nace después de 20 años de experiencia con el objetivo de aportar una calidad de formación a través de una enseñanza seria y dinámica en las terapias alternativas o complementarias como preferimos llamarlas, ya que estás no pretenden oponerse ni desplazar a la medicina alopática sino que por el contrario, buscan complementarla a través del equilibrio físico, psíquico y emocional del individuo y por consiguiente su evolución personal.

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  • Contact Name: Melanie Clark
  • Address: Torrent can Lladó, 23 - Teiá
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 689 94 96 07
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  • Mystic Traveller – Hong Kong

    Spiritualist Psychic-Medium and Healer
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2002
    Location: Hong Kong
    Wayne Wia-Ling is an International Spiritualist Psychic-Medium, Channeller, Trance Healer, Spirit Release practitioner, Geomancer (Earth Energy healer), Medical Intuitive, Feng Shui Consultant, Home Energy Harmoniser, Flower Essence Practitioner and Mystic.

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  • Contact Name: Wayne Tan
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  • Nadia Nedelchev

    My two main therapies are Cellular Memory Release and Conscious Harmonization. The first is a technique that allows us to liberate or clean possible stressful memories accumulated in our body, during our life, and simply get back our gifts, skills, capabilities, talents that may be blocked due to painful and stressful experiences. Conscious Harmonization helps us to find that calm internal space within ourselves using music, guided meditation, conscious breathing and flower essences.

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  • Contact Name: Nadia Nedelchev
  • Address: Costa Rica 1589,
    YouHub Cowork,
  • Phone: (598) 99691038
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  • Penny Lowery

    Penny is a qualified acupuncturist and NAET practitioner with over thirty years’ experience.

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  • Contact Name: Penny Lowery
  • Address: Crediton,
  • Phone: 01363 777261
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  • Pepa Benítez Lara – SPAIN

    Master of NLP
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2008
    Location: Spain
    Pepa has worked as a psychotherapist using Findhorn Flower Essences since 2008, having learned Flower Essence Therapy back then from the creator of the essences, Marion Leigh. As well as being an accredited FFE Teacher, Pepa is qualified in Energy Aromatherapy, has a Masters in NLP and is a qualified Reiki Trainer and Personal & Business coach. With her strong drive to continue learning, she is currently studying Esoteric Science. Life has taught Pepa not to look outside to help her Spirit evolve, but within her soul.

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  • Contact Name: Pepa Benítez Lara
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  • Positive Essence

    I am based in Kilbirnie a small town in North Ayrshire, Scotland and I have been working with Flower Essences for 15 years or so, both on a personal level and with clients.

    I work with people of all ages through in-person or online consultations via Skype, Zoom or email and I am also happy to arrange for home visits or telephone consultations where necessary.

    Alongside offering Flower Essence consultations to people I am a qualified canine behavioural trainer and have lived & worked with a variety of animals over the years. As a result I have a particular interest in working with animals and their guardians to overcome relationship, behavioural and other issues using Findhorn Essences combined with the latest training methods.

    In addition to Flower Essence consultations I offer Reiki, (for people and animals) and a variety of workshops teaching about the benefits of Flower Essences.

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  • Contact Name: Mandie Danks
  • Address: Positive Essence
    KA25 7EA
    North Ayrshire
  • Mobile: 07946 202756
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  • Primary Prevention

    Primary Prevention Practitioner Ay Ses Dunya has grown into this business all that is needed to harness the presence of improved wellness works within. Recent Graduate of Ontario College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 25 certifications in various healing modalities to serve you better.

    Her unique approach to non-invasive forms of Acu-treatments showcases that. Using Findhorn Flower Essences in her Acu-Tincture treatment was an organic natural procession as the quality of these flower botanicals is exactly what she was looking for in order to promote deeper healing for those in need that want to AVOID NEEDLES BUT STILL HAVE AN EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ACU-POINTS/MERIDIANS TREATMENT. Whether you are looking towards Prevention medicinal modalities, or are seeking to simply maintain your present levels of wellness, or perhaps you are struggling with a long-term illness issue or two… whatever the reason Ay Ses Dunya extends an invitation and welcomes you.

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  • Contact Name: Ay Ses Dunya
  • Phone: 647-465-1896
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  • Sonia Pérez Gómez – SPAIN

    Sound Healing (Bowls)
    Qualified as an FFE Advisor in 2018
    Location: Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Barcelona, Spain
    Sonia is Founder and Director of The Noha-Do Centre for Therapy and Training. For many years, she has integrated Findhorn Flower Essences into her healing work with humans, animals and nature.
    She gives private consultations, in which she combines Findhorn Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy (Tibetian bowls, Gongs and Tingsha cymbals) to bring balance and self-healing.

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  • Phone: +34 688 93 22 32
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