Flower Essence Therapy can be a wonderful way to address mental, emotional or spiritual issues. We are proud to introduce our international team of Practitioners who provide top-quality Flower Essence therapy in line with our ethos and values, while bringing their individual and unique skill-sets to their own Findhorn Flower Essences therapy practices.

Our qualified practitioners offer 1-1 therapy consultations at their private clinics, via phone, or video calls such as Zoom or Skype. Please click on their profiles to email them directly and set up a Findhorn Flower Essence therapy consultation today. Consultations last for one hour and cost between £40 – £70 depending on the therapist’s location and waiting list / client demand.

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  • Sonia Pérez Gómez – SPAIN

    Sound Healing (Bowls)
    Qualified as an FFE Advisor in 2018
    Location: Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Barcelona, Spain
    Sonia is Founder and Director of The Noha-Do Centre for Therapy and Training. For many years, she has integrated Findhorn Flower Essences into her healing work with humans, animals and nature.
    She gives private consultations, in which she combines Findhorn Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy (Tibetian bowls, Gongs and Tingsha cymbals) to bring balance and self-healing.

  • Contact by email
  • Phone: +34 688 93 22 32
  • Visit Sonia Pérez Gómez – SPAIN OnlineWebsite
  • Sunny Tsai – TAIWAN

    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2005
    Location: Taiwan
    Sunny Tsai is the founder of Crystal Herbs LOHAS Co., Ltd in Taiwan. She has been working with flower essences since 2005 and is also a best-selling author on aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, tarot and fiction. In running her own company, she offers a wide range of courses and consultation services in this field, hoping to bring healing energy to people who are suffering.

  • Contact by email
  • Address: 7F.-7, No. 1071, Zhong Zheng Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Phone: +886-3-3581636
  • Visit Sunny Tsai – TAIWAN Onlinehttps://store.sunshineinbottles.com
  • Vicki Marston – England

    Personal Development
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2013
    Location: England, UK
    Vicki Marston is a highly skilled and experienced therapist and teacher. Originally trained as an Occupational Therapist in the late 1970s, Vicki spent many years working within the National Health Service in psychiatry and community mental health. She has always wanted to explore and understand the reasons why we become ill in the first place. This quest and ongoing journey led to further experience and training in the fields of education, counselling, psychotherapy, bodywork, nutrition and energy healing.
    The desire to understand the complexities of health and illness led to seven years working in a large inner city GP practice developing a psychological service. This period of her life gave an opportunity to further examine the mind-body connection and the relationship between this and health. For the last twelve years Vicki has been developing an independent practice in Leicester which has included running a natural health centre.

  • Contact by email
  • Contact Name: Vicki Marston
  • Mobile: 07985 056 574
  • Visit Vicki Marston – England OnlineWebsite
  • Yoshiko Tahara – Japan

    Flower Essence Teacher
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2018
    Location: Okinawa, Japan
    Yoshiko is a teacher of Findhorn Flower Essences and has had a long-standing interest in various healing modalities (including Findhorn Flower Essences) since the time of her post-secondary studies.
    Following graduation from college, Yoshiko was a professional singer of Okinawa folk music. During this time, Yoshiko continued to pursue her interest in learning various healing modalities, including flower essences. Yoshiko is now a full-time practitioner of Findhorn Flower Essences. She loves working with her international client base in both individual consultations and group formats.

  • Contact by email
  • Contact Name: Yoshika Tahara
  • Phone: 090-1948-7460
  • Visit Yoshiko Tahara – Japan OnlineFacebook
  • Zoe Martin – England

    Yoga Therapist
    Qualified as an FFE Practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2019
    Location: England
    Zoë Martin is a yoga therapist. She works on a 1:1 basis with individuals experiencing physical, chronic, psychological or emotional conditions. Her approach is multi-dimensional combining Findhorn Flower Essences with body work, breathing techniques, relaxation, sound work, reflection, and/or meditation to help individuals move towards health and healing. The sessions vary with each individual. She values wisdom and facilitates a cherished space for individuals to explore their unique self and realise their true potential. She offers sessions in person from her practice in Leicester or remotely via Skype or FaceTime.

  • Contact by email
  • Contact Name: Zoe Martin
  • Mobile: 07813164181
  • Visit Zoe Martin – England Onlinehttp://www.yogaleicester.co.uk