Healing Through Spirit Connection

Involves enlisting the support of a healer to act as a conduit for healing energy from spirit, which can be felt on many levels or channelled in many ways.

It requires the healer to have a natural talent for connecting with the spirit realm, and for them to have developed through years of practice their ability to channel this energy for the greater good of healing others.

An energy healer has the ability to channel energy from the spirit realm to an individual and is usually characterised as either:

A psychic healer who has the ability to communicate intuitive information. An individual enlists the support of a psychic healer to provide insight into their life, relationships or future. A psychic healer can help an individual connect with their own power to make their own choices. Some psychic healers use their skills to help clear negative energies in a specific location that have derived from collectively held souls.

Or a medium who can willfully connect with souls who have passed on, or crossed over, although a medium cannot always guarantee connection with a specific soul. Yet through their connection with souls, a medium will provide confirmation of the continuation of existence and bring comfort for the individual having the reading. Some mediums will also channel specific insights to provide guidance for an individual on their life.

All mediums are psychic, but not every psychic is a medium

Psychics and Mediums who use Findhorn Flower Essences repeatedly report encouraging results using Sacred Space for clearing and balancing energy in a specific space, Psychic Protection to help individuals detach from negative energies, and single essence Rose Water Lily to support individuals in drawing strength from their source deep within.


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Here's what people have to say about Healing Through Spirit Connection:

“As one who travels as extensively as I do, I take Bon Voyage with me wherever I go. The essence (and travel pillules) has been a godsend as I travel over long distances crossing different time zones frequently for my work. When some of us are afflicted with that dull, blah feeling whenever we fly, I recommend Bon Voyage for its combination of Daisy – to help us to keep calm and stay focused, Sycamore – to help us recharge our energy, Scottish Primrose & Scots Pine – to help us find Inner Peace and reinforce self assurances (which we can get a little disillusional and delirious after a long flight), and Sea Rocket & Wild Pansy help us revitalise our energies during flight and after. I take Bon Voyage prior to take off, every other hour inflight if possible, and upon arrival. I continue taking the essence throughout the rest of the day and just before I turn in for the night. I awake refreshed and generally do not suffer from jetlag the next day.”


I am a healer and sensitive and experienced a profound healing journey whilst working with Heart Support, Inner Child and two of the elemental essences, Fire and Water. Whilst taking my first doses of the essences, I felt “a tremendous amount of pure light energy go straight to the blockages in my solar plexus… my crown opened and was flooded with energy… I felt like a little girl… wrapped up in gentle loving support… known and held inside.”

Towards the end of the week of working with the essences, I felt more in my own power yet aware of primal childhood fears which had been suppressed, “opening up and surrendering all the pain to the heart. I could not believe how much has gone on in such a short time… I just read about these things before and knew them in my mind, but now I feel it and that has been the fundamental thing in my healing – feeling the Love and Power and Beauty that I am.”


I use Calm Me Down pillules if I feel overwhelmed or stressed. My children use it when they feel nervous, or before an exam. Clients find it of great benefit when they’re stressed, taking a driving test, job interview, audition, anything that they get worked up about.


“I use the Findhorn Flower Essences as part of each healing session, and every class I teach….. For me, Sacred Space gets to the heart of an issue. I spray my healing room with it before a healing session, and before I teach a class. I find that clients experience a much deeper level of healing in one session that used to take three sessions to achieve. Sometimes, a client arrives agitated, or tells me they don’t want to let go of an issue. I ask their permission to spray their aura with Sacred Space Spray and within a few minutes, they release their resistance. I place Sacred Space Spray on the table when I teach a class. Once, a student in a healing group continually interrupted the class with irrelevant stories and questions. A few hours into the course, I could see by the irritated expressions that the other participants had had enough. I knew that there was a deeper shift taking place. I lifted the Sacred Space Spray and explained to the group that for me, this spray forms a beautiful safe space around me and clears away any negativity including other people’s stuff that I may have been carrying and leaves me alone with myself, to just be me. I then asked her permission to spray her aura. Within less than a minute after using the spray, the tears ran down her cheeks as she told the group “I just wanted my Mum to love me”. And she had only mentioned her mum for the first time shortly beforehand as I was lifting the bottle to show it to the class. The rest of the group wanted to have their aura sprayed after that! I also use Sacred Space in my home, after I’ve cleaned a room. If I have an area or room that has become untidy or cluttered and I haven’t a clue where to start, I spray the room and leave it. The next time I walk in I know what to clear, how to organise it – and best of all, it doesn’t feel like a chore!”


“…….today a customer who bought Go with the flow came in and what a change in her
energy she was so happy with the way things turned round after 2 days; she has now bought karma clear and has been telling everyone she knows about how good they are


“ I have been using the essence Clear Light with my chart work. The difference has been extremely noticeable. When I use it the words just flow and I can get in touch with my inner guidance. When I don’t use it I am constantly searching for words that seem just out of reach. Consequently I make faster progress with Clear Light and produce much better work.”


Psychic Protection has been trialled by Christopher and Veronika Strong, professional dowsers and psychic facilitators from Stepping Stones, based in Eversham. Christopher reported that this essence is not only useful for protecting very open people but also for “clearing-up those really ‘yukky’ corners where presences exist; he adds, presences more so in the ground than in the ethereal form.

“Christopher has reported two cases to us. The first one involved an apartment in London which was built on a site which, in mediaeval times, had been a location involving deaths from the Great Plague. The apartment needed weekly attention by Stepping Stones [Christopher’s company] to clear the negative energies. This has now been reduced to once a month since using the Sanctuary [Sacred Space] Spray. In the second case a colonic irrigation practitioner, whose practice is situated in basement premises. As you can imagine, weekly visits by Christopher were needed to clear the psychic s****! The need for his weekly visits was reduced to once a month since using the spray”.

I have been using this spray before and after therapy sessions in the treatment room. I find that it clears away leftover energy from the previous occupant. It also leaves a beautiful subtle perfume in the air which everyone raves about!”


I have tried the Energy Shield and found it very good. It enforced my protection when working.
It would be handy for a few of my clients who try hard to stay grounded let alone protected.


As a prescribing crystal healer and workshop leader based in London. I find Findhorn Essences enhance my work; especially Heart Support which really helps unwind and support this Chakra after bereavement, divorce and abuse of all kinds.


Cheryl who is a tarot card reader took Karma Clear and she was able to see her clients past lives clearly during the readings on day 2. Her clairvoyant abilities has improved tremendously after taking it continuously for 2 weeks.

“Sacred Space is my favourite room spray. I like to prepare the room with it when I have groups for meditation or do energy work”.