Is a holistic approach used to improve health when the body-mind-system is out of balance. It is based on Chinese Medicine and suggests that disease occurs if the elements in the body (water, fire, wood, metal, earth) become imbalanced and the free energy flow in the body is blocked.

Kinesiology works on different levels of the human energy field:

  • on the physical with the help of nutrition and exercises
  • on the emotional with psychology, and
  • on the mental level by making conscious a negative belief system or sabotage programs.

The main tool is muscle testing (a biofeedback system) based on the idea that the body knows the answer. A strong muscle means yes or no stress and a weak muscle no or stress.

It is possible to find the blockages in your system, to balance it and to receive, via muscle testing, the confirmation that the balance has worked. The goal is to support yourself/the client to gain a state of wellbeing, good health and high life vitality.

Kinesiology is an excellent method for determining the type of flower essences that should be used by the body. Findhorn Flower Essences has three stock kits, which can be used for muscle testing.  One is made up of the 48 single essences (contained in 15ml bottles) and a second containing the combination, elements and gem elixirs.

The muscle tester can place a flower essence bottle say Balsam in the hand of the client and test to see whether that essence is appropriate for them. They are then able to go through each flower to determine the ones that the body may need.


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