Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy requires both an active awareness and an objective observation of an individual’s thoughts, feelings and psyche to determine the mental and emotional issues important to address for their health, well-being and personal (or spiritual) growth. These arising mental and emotional issues are brought into balance through the oral consumption of flower essences or their application to an individual’s aura or pressure points.

Flower essences are aqueous infusions made from the flowering part of a plant. A flower in full bloom is endowed with the highest concentration of life force energy. Each flower has its own unique vibratory ‘signature’ or bioelectrical coding that corresponds with an emotion of state of mind. The energy of this vibratory signature is captured in pure water, under sun or moonlight, and then preserved with organic brandy.

A Flower Essence Therapy practitioner learns, experiences and intuits the vibratory signature of the whole range of flowers with which they work. They facilitate each client’s exploration, and precise awareness, of the mental and emotional issues which the client is experiencing in order to prescribe a single flower essence or a combination of essences to help bring the individual back to a balanced state of emotional and mental wellbeing. Many health and well-being practitioners train in Flower Essence Healing to complement their therapeutic practice with clients

Flower Essence Therapy may appear to be a relatively recent way of working, However, healing through the vibratory signature of flowers can be traced back over many centuries with evidence existing for its use in ancient Egypt, amongst the Celtic Druids and the Aborigines of Australia. The Swiss physician, botanist and alchemist Paracelsus wrote, in the 16th century, of collecting dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances and during the 1930’s the physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach scientifically documented the vibratory signature of 38 English wildflowers and pioneered the sun infusion method for flower essence preparation.

In recent decades, Findhorn Flower Essences and other flower essences companies around the world have researched the vibratory signature of many more flowers and practitioners repeatedly feedback on the strong vibratory signature captured in Findhorn Flower Essences.

Findhorn Flower Essences has 48 single flower essences, of which, 46 are created from flowers indigenous to the Highlands of Scotland, 2 are created from Japanese flowers and all are created following guidance from nature intelligence channelled by Marion Leigh. Over her 25 years of clinical practice, Marion has also created the Findhorn Flower Essence Essential range of combination essences to address the increased stresses on mind, body and soul, which have arisen since the creation of the original Bach remedies.


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Here's what people have to say about Flower Essence Therapy:

Since I’ve been taking Prosperity, I notice my business is really good. I’m encouraging all my staff to try it as I feel it will benefit them personally as well as the Salon


“ I use Psychic Protection a lot with clients, especially those who have been stalked or bullied. It acts like an ‘invisibility cloak’ and their situation changes rapidly. Most importantly they release their fear and return to a normal life. …. I use Psychic Protection spray with my children, when they have a stressed teacher or a negative situation going on among class mates, and it’s brilliant at exam time, when we can be affected by others being nervous around us”.


“Working as a naturopath I find support and help with FFE and I like to recommend it to my clients. Psychic Protection helps me to create a safe space in and around myself. I feel centered and not involved in negative thoughts and problems and can open my heart safely to my clients.”


I am very grateful for finding Seasonal Affections and a huge thanks to Marion Leigh as this essence has changed my life for the better. I've been suffering from SAD for quite a few years and it was progressively getting worse rather than better. Until I found this essence: exactly 2 weeks after taking the essence morning and night I improved. I felt cheerful again and my husband noticed an incredible shift. The tears stopped and the panic attacks subsided. Also the severe sleepiness receded! At first I was reluctant to give my positive feedback, because I wanted to be 100% sure the improvement was due to the essence and not to something else. I am sure now, because I noticed an immediate setback after I accidently forgot to take the essence. This happened on two occasions. I would recommend Seasonal Affections to anyone suffering from SAD. I sincerely hope it works for them the way it works for me. THANK YOU!


Dr Ewing has found this Sweet Dreams very useful for people who have to talk and deal with the public all day long and find it difficult to let go at night. She found it was better that they took the remedy early evening rather than at bed time.

“I had to acknowledge my own true personality to cultivate inner strength to persevere and stay on my course, respecting and allowing the change from within. In the past I had admired the knowledge of others and was looking for teachers, to follow their way and their truth. Now I knew, I had to shine my own inner light, to live my own inner truth, to follow the path of my soul. I was willing to make sacrifices which would serve my highest good, although it brought to me the painful experience to lose a friend”.


Bernie of Scotland, a Complementary Therapist, successfully treated a rugby player who had two opposing players land on his knee with their feet at the same time. The First Aid Gel brought immediate relief and was instrumental in his recovery.


“I have been prescribing Heart Support to clients who have suffered bereavement, and I’ve found that it brings them great comfort. For example, after a lady lost her father, her Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis became aggravated. She had to spend many hours every night making sure that all the doors and windows were firmly locked. But after taking Heart Support for a few weeks, she said ‘I feel warm and secure now, and I check all the locks far less frequently’. She also reported sleeping more soundly, which was a great relief to her family who had been very worried about her…”


An Australian therapist was treating a young woman in her early
twenties who had very recently married. Unfortunately when she was 13 she had been raped and there had been denial around this whole event by the girl and her parents. The marriage had brought to the surface her deeply suppressed emotions of rage , shame and guilt which she dealt with by physically assaulting her new husband, his parents and her own parents.

Both sets of parents came together to provide a safe space and a therapist to help her process the situation. The therapist had tried various other remedies without any success but when she administered Heart Support to the whole family, the girl’s anger was dissipated and transmuted within a 24 hour period.

I use and suggest many vibrational essences; but will share with you that the energy of the Findhorn Flowers are my personal favourite. They're just so beautiful -really!,


I remember having a particularly difficult couples therapy session. At the end of the session, emotions were still frayed but they were better. Gave each of them a mixture of essences that I devised at the time. 

When I heard back from the male side of the couples, he exclaimed that the essences had worked better than my usual homeopathic prescription. His preference, when he comes to see me (about once a year) is the flower essences. 

He is not the only person that asks for them in addition to the homeopathics that i use, but that experience still stands out.


I have been using Sacred Space for years at home and at work with fantastic results. I love to bathe in the light dewy spray which smells divine. I take it when travelling to clear the place I will be sleeping and wouldn't leave home without it ‬