Acupuncture, Reflexology & EFT

Are healthcare systems, derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, that go back over two thousand years.

The core belief of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on achieving and maintaining a balance of Ying and Yang energy within the body and its organs with Ying being the female, dark and formless energy and Yang being the male, light and formed energy. All aspects of our body are a balance of Ying and Yang energy, which flows through channels called the meridians, and this energy balance, known as Qi, can be affected by Injury, illness, physical suffering and lack of nutrients. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices can increase or decrease Qi in various parts of the body bringing an individual back to their ideal point of Ying Yang energy balance.


Involves the insertion of needles into the meridians of the body at specific acupuncture points to affect the balance of Qi and, in turn, address illness and dis-ease.


Involves applying pressure to reflex points and zones of the feet, hands or ears, with specific hands on techniques and without the use of oil or lotion. It can stimulate elimination, improve circulation, support the immune system, or simply induce deep relaxation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Is a self-help form of therapy that involves individuals tapping specific points on the meridians of their head and chest with their fingertips whilst, at the same time, thinking of an emotional problem to be addressed and voicing positive affirmations to clear emotional blocks.

The tapping inputs kinetic energy into the meridians helping to clear or ‘short circuit’ the body’s electrical system. The positive affirmations work on the same premise as neuro-linguistic programming, a method for influencing brain behaviour through the use of language, to enable an individual to recode the way their brain responds to stimuli or alter ‘its programming’.

Emotional Freedom Technique can optimise emotional health and well-being, and is most commonly used to remove negative emotions, reduce food cravings, reduce pain or implement positive goals. It is particularly effective when practiced in conjunction with the consumption, or external application, of  Findhorn Flower Essences.



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