The Paradox of Prosperity

By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences

It seems to me that the qualities of protection and prosperity go hand in hand, for how can we even begin to feel prosperous and abundant if we live in a state of fear for our own physical, emotional, mental, psychic or spiritual protection? As we all know, the feeling of being protected takes us right back to the moment of our birth and even further back to our forefathers and ancestors who fought for their very survival. In this way, protection is a basic need and one that relates to the energetic base centre and first chakra, also known as the root. I use Psychic Protection Aromatherapy Room Mist and the Combination Flower Essence of Prosperity when I want to call in these aspects (both of which come as essence drops, sprays or room sprays).

Our root chakra grounds us and provides the sensation of wellness and will to thrive. Once we are able to invite a deep feeling of protection into our life, we then feel more open to abundance and prosperity. This deep feeling means not only feeling stable financially and energetically in our physical being, but on a psychic and spiritual level feeling protected. When we enter into any form of spiritual practice, affirmation, chanting or even creation, it is very important that we first feel grounded and protected. (Please see links to the topic of ‘Feeling Grounded’ below).

Once we have established this rooted state of being, we are able to look up and raise on energy into that magical place of magnetic attraction, manifestation and purpose. This is where the law of attraction comes into play — a favourite practice of the Findhorn Foundation founder Peter Caddy, as well as my mother Marion Leigh, the founder of our very own Findhorn Flower Essences. Both Peter and my mother worked together on various creative projects throughout the 1970s in this magnetic way, and were inspired by Helena Blavatsky who alluded to an attractive power existing between elements of spirit in her Theosophy book in 1877, which the 2006 book and film The Secret later renewed.

In this way, American philosopher and teacher Ralph Trine wrote the book In Tune With The Infinite (1897) where he explained: “The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect. If we desire one thing and expect another, we become like houses divided against themselves, which are quickly brought to desolation. Determine resolutely to expect only what you desire, then you will attract only what you wish for.”

When my ex-husband of 16 years began to call me crazy and label me the ‘eternal optimist’, I noticed his jealousy for the way in which my positive outlook never let me down. While he surrounded himself with ‘successful’ people, I surrounded myself with positive people and years into our relationship, I really learnt about holding boundaries as my mother created the essence Psychic Protection. In my experience, those who tease our ‘light’ only yearn for it themselves. Those who try to hold us back only fear our growth and expansion for themselves. In this way, holding the vision for prosperity in our lives and (spiritual) work also means we must dispel all negativity in order to create true psychic protection. In the same way, reducing contact with people, places or practices that make us feel anything less than positive is always hard, but always worth the effort!

Easier said than done? Maybe yes … but maybe not. When I gave up my marriage and released my attachment to the beautiful beach house, the catalogue-slick car, diamond jewellery and global holidays … I was rewarded with the greatest gift of all — hope. Living with a partner who teased my ideals and called me a dreamer only crushed my ability to dream in full colour! Living in an environment where my creativity was limited because I was ‘crazy’ to think I could achieve such things, only crippled my own ability to bring these visions into being. Three years after setting my two young children into a new way of life and building new physical, emotional and spiritual foundations, I began to be able to attract again. Slowly, my daily practice grew and I began to notice that on all levels I was becoming more abundant. As I began to surround myself with others who had hope for a better future, those who were co-creating … I began to find myself, my path and the riches of a deeply fulfilling and abundant, yet frightfully simple life.

I invite you to take the plunge in whatever way works for you. My faith in the unfailing healing power of our universal love light energy is based on my daily spiritual practice where I wake to stretch and meditate, calling the universal love light energy into my day with the help of the Findhorn Flower Essences, followed by soulful chanting of whatever takes my fancy that day. I am currently tending grief as my mother passed away just two years ago. When I meditate and call her in, she whispers for us all You ARE everything you need to be … You already ARE doing enough … You are perfect just the way you ARE. On that note, I’d love to leave you with an affirmation to post on your fridge, bathroom mirror or inside your journal as a daily prosperity reminder – I am deeply grounded in the love of my heart and light in my soul. Shine on dear ones as we enter abundant possibility!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please leave your comments, suggestions for others, or questions for me or FFE fans below.

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  1. Hello Iona, I just read that your lovely Mother has passed on- Marion was a delightful person. I used to speak to her over the phone regularly when I was in London. I remember when you were a Masters Student in Performance and Health at Thames Valley as I was teaching there … also remember the conversations about your natural home water births. So sorry that Marion is no longer with you physically – but I can see her connection with you is always there.

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