Let us introduce you to our international team of Accredited FFE Teachers. Our teachers provide top-quality Flower Essence training in line with our own ethos and values, while bringing their own individual skill-sets to the table.

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  • Teacher: Iona Leigh
    Region: International

    Iona is the Managing Director of Findhorn Flower Essences and grew up in the Findhorn Community making flower essences with her mother, learning about the Foundation’s founding principles through her educational work with the Family and Youth workshops. After a successful 10-year career in music performance, songwriting and teaching, Iona returned to join the family business as Education Director 2017. In the last two years, Iona has been creating the FFE Education pathway and enjoys teaching the Practitioner Part 1 and Part Courses live online, and the Part 3 in person here in Findhorn.

    “I was very impressed with Iona when I saw her on behalf of a family member who was not present. She got to the heart of the matter straightaway, with skill and kindness, which was very reassuring. The particular flower essences that Iona recommended, certainly seem to have worked, in that the presenting condition has greatly improved. Many thanks and we will be back!”

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  • Teacher: Wayne Wia-Ling
    Region: International

    Wayne describes himself as “a simple man searching to enrich the lives of others through Spirit.” He is an experienced mystic, traveller, healer and FFE Teacher. Wayne is at home in the world, wherever he is teaching the Essences and his healing work. He is one of the first members of the FFE Teaching Association and was invited as a guest speaker to the 2018 Teachers’ Gathering.

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  • Teacher: Vicki Marston
    Region: UK

    Vicki is a lifelong advocate for mental health and personal responsibility.  Strongly influenced by Dr Deepak Chopra in the 1980s whilst working as an Occupational Therapist in Psychiatric Services, she realised that health is our natural state and that illness arises when we are out of balance. A long journey later, Vicki has an independent wellness-focussed practice offering a range of healing modalities including talking therapies, nutrition, bodywork, breath-work, meditation, flower essences and energy healing. Vicki trained with Marion Leigh in Flower Essence Therapy and Esoteric Healing from 2010 – 2013.

    “I have a passion for Findhorn, yoga and flower essences. They do not change the way we see things, rather they transform the person who sees.”

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  • Teacher: Sonia Pérez Gómez
    Region: Spain

    Sonia is the Founder and Director of The Noha-Do Centre for Therapy and Training. For many years, she has integrated Findhorn Flower Essences into her healing work with humans, animals and nature.
    She gives private consultations, in which she combines Findhorn Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy (Tibetian bowls, Gongs and Tingsha cymbals) to bring balance and self-healing.

    Sonia is also formally trained in Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy.

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  • Teacher: Yoshiko Tahara
    Region: Okinawa, Japan

    Yoshiko is a teacher of Findhorn Flower Essences in Okinawa, Japan. She has had a long-standing interest in various healing modalities (including Findhorn Flower Essences) since the time of her post-secondary studies.
    Following graduation from college, Yoshiko was a professional singer of Okinawa folk music. During this time, Yoshiko continued to pursue her interest in learning various healing modalities, including flower essences.

    Yoshiko is now a full-time practitioner of Findhorn Flower Essences. She loves working with her international client base in both individual consultations and group formats.

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  • Teacher: Sharon Bentley
    Region: UK

    Since 1999, Sharon has assisted others in achieving their greatest potential in mind, body and spirit. In 2001, a pathway opened for her to work with the Findhorn Flower Essences. This ignited a love for assisting people to unravel their own emotional issues and supporting them with their personal healing journey. Sharon also works with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and has been channelling energy since this time too, having trained with the International Network for Energy Healers (INEH) as well as being attuned to Angelic Reiki. Sharon is now an established practitioner for all these gentle healing modalities, as well as a Teacher for Findhorn Flower Essences. 

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  • Teacher: Fiona Dilston
    Region: Scotland and Globally Online

    Fiona has used essences and Homeopathy since her teens. She trained as an FFE practitioner with Marion Leigh in 2003 and then went on to become a Homeopath at The Lakeland College. Her post-graduate dissertation project was done with her own gem essences in a combination for seasonal affective disorder. She is a Homeopathic practitioner with a special interest in weight loss and emotional eating and is using Findhorn Flower Essences with this. 

    She also teaches EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to practitioner level and is excited to be producing new courses where it is applied alongside the essences and Homeopathy. Fiona is an essence maker and Advanced Flower Essences Practitioner (BFVEA).

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  • Teacher: Pepa Benítez Lara
    Region: Spain

    Pepa has worked as a psychotherapist using Findhorn Flower Essences since 2008, having learned Flower Essence Therapy back then from the creator of the essences, Marion Leigh. As well as being an accredited FFE Teacher, Pepa is qualified in Energy Aromatherapy, has a Masters in NLP and is a qualified Reiki Trainer and Personal & Business coach.  With her strong drive to continue learning, she is currently studying Esoteric Science.

    Life has taught Pepa not to look outside to help her Spirit evolve, but within her soul.

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  • Teacher: Evelyne Monsallier
    Region: France

    In 1998, after a Near Death Experience, Evelyne met Findhorn Flower Essences for the first time. Since that time, she has had a special connection with plants, flowers and fairy, devic and angelic dimensions. She uses flower therapy with different flowers from around the world. She created her own method of harmonization with color, sounds, flowers, plants and crystals. She is also a Reiki Master, Expert in Feng Shui,  practitioner and trainer of Aura-Soma.

    Evelyne is the founder of the International School of Chromobioenergy. Each year, she trains therapists to use flower essences, using Findhorn Flower Essences in her practice, and helps them integrate these highly vibratory essences into their different therapeutic practices.

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