Prosperity — Findhorn Flower Combination

By Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner Rose Morley

Abundance all around …

Abundance — I am Prosperous, Successful and Happy

I’ve picked the combination oral spray of Prosperity, as I felt it was appropriate for the month of January and it’s a new start to the year.

Most people start the beginning of a New Year with a ton of resolutions. Resolutions that never seem to make it past the first week or so. I know that’s what I do.

So how would you like to start your New Year with the thought of actually completing your challenges and achieving your goals? To have the get up and go that you’ve always wanted. Have you found it hard to adapt to a new challenge? Perhaps you’re starting a new job and need some enthusiasm to get you going.

Well, this lovely combination remedy spray maybe just what you’ve been looking for. It contains Bell Heather, Harebell, Elder, Laurel, Sea Rocket, Cabbage and Rose Alba — (sounds a bit like a salad).

Do you trust your instincts to be able to keep control in any situation? Keep your cool and believe in yourself that “I am going to complete the diet” or “I am going to save for that item I’ve always wanted”. The stress that you were under before Christmas, be able to manage it a lot better.

I know from time to time, I have that niggly self-doubt going round in my head, and I need to try and have faith in myself, and instead listen to the voice that’s showing me the right direction to go.

If you’re trying the new diet this year, how do you feel about your image when you look in the mirror? This combination spray can help you feel better about yourself and help you to radiate your inner strength and beauty.

What goals have you thought about setting yourself? It’s better to perhaps just concentrate on one and commit to that one path and reach the end. Keep a clear head and be able to put the plan into action and stay focused.

How’s it all sounding so far, feeling positive and raring to go?

It’s not always easy to adapt to change, a new job, new goals, new year. Things can become quickly overwhelming and unpredictable. You can feel sluggish after all the festivities and just want to stay on the sofa. Well don’t! Keep moving, be flexible, don’t put time scales on things as that can add undue stress and pressure, and that’s not on the agenda this year. Just go with things, let go of 2021 and look forward to the new changes and challenges ahead with ease and vigour.

Give yourself the Power of the ‘Rose Alba‘ essence, let your intuition guide you, don’t let obstacles stop you in your tracks, but listen to your heart and connect to your true inner authority.

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