Light Essences & Sacred Places

By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

The word light can mean and make us think of so many wonderful things…as a noun it refers to the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, linked to ‘the light of the sun’; and in the Cambridge English Dictionary, light is described as a noun which means the brightness that comes from the sun, fire, etc., that allows things to be seen.

Brad Wallis writes about Light Beings and Spirit Energy in his article about Expanded and Universal Consciousness. He discusses the way in which light beings created everything on this plane, and infused spirit into and around all that we created. He says this gave an object the energy to hold itself together and believes that even the most insignificant objects that exist on this plane have a spirit to them. That spirit is in or around them, but it is not a soul. He moves on to claim: “Instinct is a contemplated thought, and the thought process is the dividing line between what is and what isn’t soul material.”

In this way, our Findhorn Essence CLEAR LIGHT brings mental thoughts into balane with the conscious mind so that we can receive the deeper, more intuitive ideas and spirit messages.

These messages come to use via our higher self, angels, spirit guides, ancestors or the very active nature spirits and devas or plant consciousness. As soon as we open up to listen…we receive.

The ocean and the forest are my GO TO spots for this kind of mindful contemplation and meditation —- where do you go? My teacher, dear friend Dr Rosie Daniel, is an integrative medical expert who highly promotes the need for us to all make contact with our very own ‘sacred places’ and uses this as one of the core concepts in her Health Creation Clinic. 

When I was training to become a Health Creation Mentor for the self-development programme, I realised the more that I not only claimed my sacred places but made an effort to return to them regularly, the more meaning and energy they began to hold for me on each return. This means, that as we consciously connect to a physical place of beauty, delight and energy, it begins to connect more deeply with us.

Similarly, my Godmother Marianna Lines created Pictish art from the Sacred Stones here in Scotland and explored the way in which they acted as portals to another time and space, almost a time travel if you like. Her book The Traveller’s Guide to Sacred Scotland: A Guide to Scotland’s Ancient Sites and Sacred Places, explored in depth how we might use these physical places to find a deeper connection to our past and great history. 

This thinking links into a greater exploration of ‘mind travel’, which is where my thinking returns to the Essence of Clear Light — interestingly, one of Marianna’s favourites for both writing and painting as she felt it brought her connection to the muses into being. The combination essence of Clear Light was created by my mother for her own meditation practice. 

My mother later combined taking the essence with spraying Sacred Light around the room or the sacred place she was about to begin her spiritual practice. Also, when opening the clinic to see clients for consultations — so this is a great essence and mist combination for practitioners, therapists and healers, as well as yoga or dance therapists. The mist of Sacred Light helps us bring together the qualities of pure LOVE & WISDOM and helps to transform limitations of the mind and realise inner wisdom. My mother made this mist during her travels around India, with the pure essential Oil of the Lotus Lily and the Sacred Flower Essence of Lotus Lily, which was made under the sacred Bodhi Tree where it is said that the great Buddha realised enlightenment. 

What do we do when we feel disconnected? When we cannot see the light or the wood from the trees? What if we cannot find a place to go, or we don’t feel a connection to the sacred anywhere?

I have been there…after a miscarriage, after leaving my husband, after leaving my family home, after losing my father, after losing my mother…so many of us have dealt with a wide range of situations that are emotionally heavy in the experience of both grief and loss. The energy body is firstly shocked, then often followed by a sense of numbness when we ‘check out’ due to our primal FLIGHT response from the post-adrenaline rush. Where does this leave us? Often feeling disconnected, down and with very low energy. What can we do?

As a trained Health Creation Mentor, Advanced Flower Essence Therapist and Reiki Practitioner, I always work with a client to build up their energy body strength. This means using essences like Light Being, to bring more light energy into the energy centres, (also known as the chakras), as well as finding ways to get out into nature (even if it is the back porch to catch some rays) to build up prana energy, which is naturally available to us at all times.

The website ‘Souled Out’ is a mysterious online treasure trove that discusses Esoteric Astrology and the ideas of Alice A. Bailey. It states:

“Prana is best described as vitality, as the integrating energy that coordinates the molecules, cells, and cellular structures, and holds them together as a physical organism…Were it not for the presence of prana, the body would be nothing more than a collection of individual cells. Prana links up and connects these into one complex whole, playing along the branches and meshes of the etheric web, that shimmering and golden web of inconceivable fineness and delicate beauty. All forms, whether a solar system, a human body, a plant, or a rock, are built from the archetype or ‘blueprint’ of this energy field.”

This is the very essence of essence making! We use the life force of a plant through its natural process of photosynthesis, to create a mother tincture which follows the guidance of Dr Edward Bach to solarise under direct sunlight for up to seven hours. The result is the energy of the plant’s pure and unique qualities, the energy of the sacred place in which the essence was made, together with the energy of the sun’s pure healing light, sent down at a significant astrological time. The Findhorn Essences were made by my mother for healing, and it is my great honour to continue this tradition. As we look to the light for inspiration and healing, we invite the qualities of clarity into ourselves, our very own subtle energy body, or LIGHT BEING.


Brad Wallis

Marianna Lines

Dr Rosie Daniel

The Health Creation Clinic UK

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Light Meaning

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