Inner Harmony leads to Outer World Harmony

By Iona Leigh, April 2022

Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

Flower and Vibrational Essences are useful tools for shifting our inner emotional experiences to an energetic level. Essence Therapy stimulates inner harmony, which in turn, enables us to express outer harmony in our family life, work-life, and community life. If we take this inner harmony into our leadership roles within the world, we then begin making real change through radical harmony, aka world peace.

One of my favourite Findhorn speakers Robert Holden says that he believes real activism today is most simply — radical love! He talks about how we care for ourselves and others is the first place to start being a true activist for peace, and I love the power of this simple, clear message. In other words — love yourself and each other as the most radical thing you can do to save the world!

Yesterday I asked friends to spontaneously answer the question — What does harmony mean to you and what does it look or feel like in your life? My first friend answered, “Harmony is a complex thing, it’s a balance of contradictory things. To me it is like music…varied tones, gentle and hoarse, sharp and soft, playful and deep creating together beautiful music.”

My second friend replied, “Harmony for me is mind, body and soul coming together in a perfect harmonious balance; a perfect culmination for our wellbeing.” My third friend said, “Harmony for me is feeling at peace. When I have harmony in my life, I am happy, I am satisfied, I am content.

So, what does harmony look like in your life or feel like to you? Maybe I can help as I am going to explore some of the top Findhorn Flower Essences that help support you on your journey into deeper harmony within your being.

The varying answers above cleverly highlight how HARMONY can mean something different to each person! In this way, flower essence therapy is a holistic treatment that treats the whole person as a unique, energetic being by aiming to match the quality most closely being searched for.

As flower essences work on a vibratory level, they can find the subtle place and space a person most needs to experience an inner shift, by transferring their floral imprint into the energy of the water, in which the patient is taking the essence, not their bloodstream and bodily fluids.

In the next part of this blog, clear examples will be given of ways in which we may each experience the need for HARMONY on different levels and the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, as well as seven different solo flower essences that might closely match any needs bringing more harmony into these different subtle levels.

Here is a list of the top seven solo flower essences that can increase the inner experiences of HARMONY.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Balsam
When we feel over-sensitive, we often distance ourselves from others and put up emotional walls and barriers that curtail love’s expression. This leads to inharmonious relationships. At times like this, Balsam helps support our expression of love, tenderness, and intimacy by creating bonding relationships that result in feelings and experiences of deep harmony.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Cherry
When we begin to negatively judge ourselves and others, we become polarised in this competing, dualistic position.
As we draw on argumentative patterns of relating to others, we distance ourselves from harmonious feelings. At times like this, Cherry helps support our expression of compassion towards ourselves and others. As we increase these feelings of kindness and acceptance, an inner experience of harmony becomes an outer, embedded expression in our lives.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Elecampane
When we feel unstable and ungrounded due to limited awareness or a feeling of disconnection
, this can, unfortunately, lead to false interpretation as our faculties of impression become warped. At times like this, Elecampane helps increase spiritual sensitivity so that we may magnetise our abilities to receive and transmit and become a clear channel of purity and right motive, right alignment and attunement.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Lady’s Mantle
When we experience an inner experience of polarisation our basic ‘common’ sense receptors often need to call upon a more expanded awareness. At times like this, Lady’s Mantle helps to integrate the rational and intuitive mind, by bringing in a deeper level of awareness and our inherent power aids light-filled intelligence.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Daisy
When we find challenging times increase feelings of agitation due to an emotional imbalance
, the essence of Daisy brings us a quality of protection. This can be very supportive at times when we feel we are losing command of our sensibilities due to stress. At times like this, Daisy allows us to welcome a deeper childlike trust and open up again by increasing our composure so we can feel unperturbed — no matter what.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Watercress
We can notice our negative emotional reactions increase due to irritability
, clearing stagnant energies can help to transform and reveal our true essence. This may be easier said than done, but by stimulating and strengthening our innate inner defences, the essence of Watercress supports an internal process of purification, allowing us to restore our energetic balance and wellbeing.

Findhorn Flower Essence of Sea Pink
When we experience inner disorientation
and or begin to feel we are no longer fully grounded in our awareness or clear thinking, the essence of Sea Pink can be supportive in bringing about experiences of inner harmony by encouraging us to find more positive ways to fully honour all parts of ourselves. Sea Pink supports us to get into a different and deeper relationship with all contrasting parts to find harmony and equilibrium once again, by balancing our inner dualities and reminding us to stay well-grounded.

In other words, we can heal the world by starting with our own, inner healing! Referring back to Robert Holden’s idea that real activism is most simply radical love, we might also decide that small daily steps lead to an ongoing journey into healing. For some essence clients, healing feels like forgiveness of the past, acceptance of the present and a new love for a blossoming future. Flower essences were used in ancient times for healing as a safe and natural method of treatment to aid our inner emotional challenges. They are certainly needed today, just as much — if not more so — than they were by our ancestors and forefathers.

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