Honouring our Inner Child

By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

You must be confident in yourself, connected to others, committed to purpose, and be emotionally courageous!

According to Peter Bregman, business mentor, leadership expert and author, the above qualities are needed for any kind of true self confidence. I love the way these qualities highlight the inter-dependancy that we all have on each other in order to truly find and express ourselves!

When balanced, the seventh soul chakra brings forth our highest goal, plan and soul purpose. As we channel our highest visions while relating to others in an emotionally present and courageous way, we are then able to grow and reach our full potential in life. 

When we are willing to be vulnerable, truthful, and aware of the full spectrum of both negative and positive emotions, then we begin to enter the realm of emotional courageousness. Did you know that the word courage comes from the Latin word ‘cur’ meaning heart, so being emotionally authentic about who we really are with our whole being — really brings in this sense of being truly brave and lionhearted!

Roar for emotional resiliency!

Being prepared to roar for what is right, about what we believe in and feel passionately about often offends or upsets others, triggers others, causes conflict and can even end up having a backlash or a number of negative responses and reactions. Perhaps this is why we so often avoid speaking our truth? However, Dr Guy Winch from Psychology Today explains the way in which we can only reach our full potential by being brave enough to speak up and out for what we truly believe in and feel the need to say. He states; 

“Many situations in life call upon us to do something we find scary, upsetting, uncomfortable … Unfortunately, our natural inclination in such moments is to avoid the situation … Avoidance weakens our emotional resiliency which comes from overcoming challenging situations, so the avoidance prevents us from growing and reaching our full potential.”

In situations like these, Combination Essence Voice Confidence Lionheart helps anchor peace in the heart centre and encourages brave expression and truth speaking, so we can convey our thoughts and feelings in a centred way, even when experiencing nervousness. This is a wonderful essence for teachers, presenters, performers or anyone who isn’t comfortable speaking in public. This essence can also be used to offer emotional and spiritual support when there is a deep need to express one’s truth in difficult or acrimonious situations.

Healing the fragmented self

The truth is, many of us have deep seated fears of speaking in public, let alone speaking out truth in public —especially if it differs from the opinions of our fellow family, neighbours, office colleagues or community. These fears often stem from childhood and a time when our Inner Child (also known as innocent self) first experienced being put down, embarrassed or ridiculed in a highly humiliating way by a parent, teacher, family member, friend, or even a stranger/bully. 

Harsh past experiences can have such a profound effect on our energetic centres at the time of experience, that these centres can be affected for many months or even years following the event. In some ways, this links to the topic of soul retrieval, described so beautifully by one of my beloved authors Sandra Ingerman, who employs contemporary psychological concepts in her modern day shamanic visionary work. Ingerman has revived the ancient shamanic tradition of soul retrieval for healing emotional illness and makes many references to the healing nature of plants and the link between spirit and plant consciousness. This makes the link to plant medicine, and in particular Flower Essences.

Essences assisting soul retrieval

Flower essences bring the potent life force energies of healing prana into our very own energy centres, offering vibrational rebalancing and energetic shifting to take place on the subtle realms and etheric levels. This is why we see such incredible results when using essences with children and animals, as they are often more connected to these other worlds, inner worlds, or spiritual worlds. As adults, we numb ourselves with various addictions and addictive behaviours for convenience, and more often than not this leads to some kind of burnout or breakdown as we stopped listening to our inner voice somewhere along the way. 

Tuning into ourselves and choosing to align ourselves with the qualities that flowers, elements and gems can offer, allows us to reconnect with the universal love, light energy that is ever present. As we attune, we rebalance, and our system is renewed and revitalised. Honouring and respecting the wisdom of our Inner Child, means that innate innocent, playful, honest, hopeful, ever-trusting light within can shine again. The day-dreamer within is welcome to inspire us again and help direct our soul passions and dreamtime journeys. The Combination Inner Child is a wonderful support for these kinds of journeys and inner healing practices.

Ingerman states with great emphasis, that slipping into the other worlds for guidance and support, is one of the oldest traditions and greatest free gifts of healing we can give ourselves. I believe that using candle or fire light, sage, music, mantras, meditation Sacred Mists and Essences to create these moments of deep rest, inspiration and vision can be extremely transformational, especially if we do these as rituals in line with the ancient festivals of our communities and countries. So I invite you to meet your Inner Child again in whatever way feels comfortable for you. You never know, they might have an interesting message for you … mine often does!


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Book – Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self by Sandra Ingerman
Harper Collins, 20 Dec 2011

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