By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner and Tutor with the BFVEA, Health Mentor with Health Creation UK, and holder of a Masters degree with distinction in Performance and Health from Thames Valley University, London.

Our very first experience in life is LOVE. It happens the moment we incarnate in the womb and is known as Maternal Bonding. It is a biologically-driven construct for survival, inherent within humans and with other primates, designed to preserve the species through nurturing and protective behaviours as stated by Bowlby 1982/1969 and Bowlby in 1978. If any part of this imperative connection is disturbed or disrupted during our own childhood development, for whatever reason, there is always the reason for healing in later, adult years.

During 30 years practicing as a homeopath and essence practitioner, my mother found that many core issues presented in the ‘here and now’ often relate to past traumas experienced during childhood. Interestingly, even in situations where our parents were present and loving, we can find missing pieces. If our parents were there but not present, or present but not loving, then we find even deeper pain, and an inherent sense of loss and even deep betrayal.

As children we were seeking to bathe in the same light we came from, the light we will return to! Our birth right is — to experience loving energy here on earth!

For others who had a strong, secure loving upbringing, it can be their first experience of heart-break, betrayal or loss that triggers an experience of pain linked to the emotional experience of love. Whatever reason we feel seperated from love or a sense of ‘loving-loss’, we can experience a heartache that can only be soothed or healed again by the same essential ingredient that caused harm — love! Our Take Heart Essence is a great energetic grief supporter.

Flower Essences for Love

Flower Essences provide us with a gentle, subtle way to make contact with these tender thoughts and feelings as the flowers’ powerful energetic qualities resonate and vibrate with our own. When we take Flower Essences from a place of willingness to look inside ourselves and journey inward with an idea, a feeling, a thought pattern or behaviour, we are able to then notice if we might be ready to examine or even release an aspect that is no longer serving us.

Essences for Passion

The Combination Essence Eros encourages us to find the passion within and share it with others, whether that be family, friends, work colleagues or with intimate lovers and relationships. This Essence contains the energetic vibration of ElderGorseGrass of ParnassusHoly ThornRose AlbaSea Pink, Sycamore and Balsam. Balsam is for Tenderness with its hot pink vulva-shaped petals that scream passion and enthusiasm for love in the world. With this sensation on all levels, we are able to call in and spread out this infectious passion for life and express our true va-va-voom! The message of this LOVE Essence came to Marion as — “Express your love freely and enrich your relationships“.

It is so easy to feel lost, uninspired, depressed, let down, hurt, abandoned and fearful. In these times, it is very important to rest, take a bath, tend to self-care with good food, nature, good people who want the highest for us and begin to focus more on our healing practices. How easily we forget to reconnect with our inner self, this deep place of inspiration, peace, hope and that inner place that is always waiting for us to reconnect with love in a new way.

This month’s invitation is to take a mindful moment to tune into your passion whether it be cooking, knitting, singing or gardening and place importance on the task of reconnecting with these passions for your health, happiness and most of all your heart-felt love for life! If you feel it is lost, or you are lost — how about starting by remembering what you LOVED doing as a young child or teenager. Often our childhood love of painting or singing has never really left us, we just stopped doing it along the way when life got too busy or we had to ‘grow up’! Love in action means expressing your love through the things you do — on a daily basis if possible.

Getting in touch with the spirit of love

This month, I invite you to observe love, take note and journal about all the experiences you have with feeling and experiencing love this month. As a practice — how can you express your love more on a day to day basis? How can you recognise all the forms that love shows up for you in your life in all of those unexpected small, yet powerful ways? Drink these moments in and see if you can label each tiny expression and experience of love with an exclamation mark — because we all know love is what makes the world go round! How will you feel at the end of the month when you note down and then read all the loving experiences you’ve actually had? What if something surprises you that you otherwise would not have noticed?

Abundant Flower Blessings Dear Lovers of Life! Keep your eyes, ears and heart open this month and please let me know how you get on. #All we need is love!


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