Essences for Courageous Action

This month we are hearing from one of our Advanced Practitioner’s Rose and the steps and essences she recently took around the theme of COURAGE.

Hi, my name is Rose and welcome to the Findhorn Flower Essence’s summer blog. This month I will be sharing my experiences of taking essences for Courage. We all need this from time to time in our life, don’t we? I’ve certainly needed extra courage over the last few months, and luckily there are many flower essences that can be used to help during difficult times. Iona has asked me to share my experiences with you in this blog.

I was recently made redundant at a place of work I thought I’d be at until I retired, but alas it wasn’t to be. It wasn’t nice getting told that due to the company’s new management and restructuring, my position was no longer needed. The shock of it all was very unsettling and on top of all of that…I returned home to be told I needed to move out of my flat!

At traumatic times, all kinds of things spring to mind, anger, fear, and even a little resentment…for me it was frustration that other colleagues were still keeping their jobs! With so much change ahead, I needed the willpower to keep calm and focused, yet still maintain a sense of dignity so as not to fall to bits in front of everyone.

The immediate comfort I found was from Thistle essence, as it helped me stay calm and gave me the inner strength to get through the first few days.

Thistle essence is also in the Rebalance Combination Essence for shock, so it helped me think clearly in this emergency situation. All kinds of things popped into my head — what am I going to do for work?  How on earth am I going to be able to find a new job in the current climate? (Post-Brexit, post-Covid, post-Ukraine/Russian war —all affecting deep economic fear).

For the next few nights, I didn’t really sleep for all the worry and anxiety that I had, so began using Dreamtime Combination Essence, which contains Scottish Primrose, a great flower to help bring peace into the heart during times of stress and trauma. Scottish Primrose can also help to give you inner harmony as well as help support the emotions that arise during the aftermath of shock.

After receiving confirmation that my flat was going to be sold, I realised that I obviously needed to start to find somewhere else to live. Wow, what a week! Time to look for a whole new life, I think. I’ve done this before so I can do it again. Where’s all the courage when we need it? We realise how resilient we are, as we dig deep. Time for a new adventure, that was the exciting part!

Preparing for transition and change means time to reach for the Monkey Flower essence. This is my favourite flower of all as it just looks like a smiling face — just what I needed. This gives me the confidence to get through life when things feel crazy or out of balance as it helps to remind me of my real inner power and ability for achieving self-mastery. Just a few drops directly on the tongue when I feel like I’m having a ‘moment’ — or into anything I have to drink. I may have to add in a few drops of the Wild Pansy to help keep my composure.

Luckily things have fallen into place for me, but I still question – can I do this? Can I move away from an area I’ve been in for so long, from people I know, and start again?  With the help of my friends and family and lots of flower essences, yes, I can! 

So far, I’m taking Thistle, Scottish Primrose, and Monkey Flower, perhaps it’s time to add in some Golden Iris for the feelings of being divided in different directions and torn, the irrational fears that are creeping up on me. I can see ahead of me that all the stresses and strains will start to diminish, and life can resume.

Transformation Combination Essence supports me at the other end, you know that moment of “ah, I’ve done it”, now it’s time to let go of the past and look forward to new life. The willingness to start again and learn new things. Transformation Combination Essence contains Iona Pennywort flower essence which is helping me to face my fears and move forward with self-respect and clarity.

Having the emotional support of Essences should not be underestimated, you might like to try Broom for Clarity. Which one would you like to try next? Please share your experiences with us in the comments box below.

Essences discussed in this blog, which you may like to try are:

Rebalance Combination Essence (previously named First Aid), which contains Thistle

Dreamtime Combination Essence, which contains Scottish Primrose

Transformation Combination Essence, which contains Iona Pennywort

Wild Pansy

Monkey Flower

Golden Iris


All the essences above are also found in our Kit of Courage

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