Equinox Blessings

By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

Dear Friends, 

Happy Autumn Equinox to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere — and Happy Spring Equinox to all of you in the South! I’d like to quote Britta Schmitz from the Findhorn Foundation who eloquently explains the symbology of this sacred time:

“Once more day and night are of equal length. Another moment of perfect balance before the Wheel of Life turns again and leads us on our way into the darker and colder season. Soon we will be taking the first steps on the path of withdrawing our energy from outer activities and journeying deeper and deeper inside… But before that it is the time of the autumn harvest.

“A time to give gratitude for all that has ripened over the summer. A time to look back on how our dreams and wishes have manifested during the warmer and lighter season. A time to harvest what we want to keep in our lives and to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. From our harvest today we are going to sow the seeds of our future as our fulfilled dreams carry the beginnings of new hopes and ideas within their very core.

“By harvesting and giving thanks for what we have now we complete the life cycle of the seeds we have sown for this year. The new cycle starts by listening to the whispers in our hearts, which will become the first steps for our next dance around the sun:

What dreams do we have?

For our lives?

For our families?

For our communities?

For the world?” 

A few years ago, I shared some of my own insights into how you may like to celebrate in sacred ritual using both essences and room mists, and I wanted to re-share that video with you here.

Due to the recent pandemic, we’ve had months of hibernation and plenty of time for more self-reflection than usual.

Many of our clients have been using both Transformation and Karma Clear for shifting patterns or past ‘stuff’, as well as Light Being and Life Force for low energy or feeling the blues.

In the spirit of harvest, it is time to give thanks for all that has been and for those things which are most important to us in life.

Abundance Blessings,



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