Can an Essence choose us?

Essence Experience by FFE Advisor & Production Manager Vikki McCabe, May 2022

Normally, as essence takers, we consciously decide which essence to take. Be it intuitively, through dowsing or muscle testing or simply having an affinity with a particular flower essence. But what happens when an essence chooses us? Or can it? It absolutely can! Through its subtle signs which can often increase in frequency and intensity the longer you ignore it.

This is exactly what I have experienced with the beautiful flower essence Clear Light by Findhorn Flower Essences. Today Iona Leigh informed me that this particular essence is one that her mother Marion had specifically made for herself. Which is not only beautiful in itself, but I can see why she felt the need to make this essence.

Marion Leigh started making essences in 1992 when she relocated to Scotland from Australia with her two children. Not long after, Findhorn Flower Essences was formed. Almost 30 years later, Marion’s legacy has been handed down to her daughter Iona who continues her mother’s work.

As a working mother of two, a partner and doing further studies in my own time, I often forget about myself and my own needs, which is, I’m sure, often the case for us all. I work with essences almost every day, I’m studying about essences, I make essences for others and I know of their many benefits — so why did I not consider them for myself? Perhaps it was a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees! So, all this time spent ignoring my own needs resulted in my essence having to take matters into its own hands and make itself apparent to me. What a clever essence!

Over the course of a couple of months, subtly Clear Light started to give me signs, albeit, initially quiet and discrete. I would find myself labelling bottles incorrectly, producing more Clear Light than was necessary and I even assembled boxes that weren’t required! They are still there, on the shelf looking at me, as a constant reminder of my ignorance! I mentioned all of the above to my colleague and friend Iona, who had enquired about my frequent chuckles at these, now persistent, coincidences. She then read the description of Clear Light from the handbook aloud to me and low and behold, it resonated! I knew this is what I needed and had needed for months (eye roll at myself).

In this case, Clear Light well and truly gave me a clear sign — thank you! Learning to attune, align and be aware of our abilities and our deep knowledge of ourselves can be a rather difficult task at times, but the benefits are so vast. Taking that time to truly listen to ourselves and our body can aid us in our own healing immensely.

Findhorn Flower Essences Handbook, by Marion Leigh describes Clear Light (page 130) “For bringing about a peaceful state of mind.” She further describes it as “By stilling and focusing the mind. Clear Light can influence mental clarity and brightness and assist in attuning to higher wisdom and inspiration. An excellent aid for meditation and study.

Without a doubt, this essence has afforded me the focus and clarity that I desired in order for me to organise my thoughts and priorities. It has given me the strength to have faith in my own ability that I am able to be in charge of all that is going on in my life and maintain an emotional equilibrium.

Clear Light also contains the solo essences of Broom for concentration and clarity; Birch for open-minded and clear perception; Lady’s Mantle for integrating rational thinking and the intuitive mind; Rose Alba for practical and creative expression of intuition; Scots Pine for trust in your inner knowledge and intuition; and Wild Pansy for presence of mind and composure.

Perhaps you may be feeling like you have too many things on the go at once which is making it difficult to prioritise and focus your energy on the more important things? Perhaps you would like to break a pattern of limited and confined thinking? Or perhaps you are struggling to find the inspiration and focus to complete a piece of work? In these cases, you may find that Clear Light can help assist you in this journey.

For more information about Clear Light please visit our Clear Light webpage HERE!

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