Flower Essences that soothe the soul!

By Iona Leigh and Rose Morley, Advanced Essence Practitioners (BFVEA).

Calm Me Down Combination Essence from Findhorn Flower Essences is the perfect essence to keep you calm during times of stress. Calm Me Down combines the flower essences of Bell Heather, Daisy, Lady’s Mantle, Laurel, Monkey Flower, Wild Pansy, and Willowherb to specifically target the emotions of stress and anxiety and enhance feelings of calmness and composure.

Daisy is all about protection and promotes feelings of being grounded and emotionally safe.  When you’re in fight or flight mode, Daisy will help you feel composed and open.

Bell Heather promotes self-confidence and self-belief enabling you to better deal with challenges.  Bell Heather is beneficial when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious and allows you to retain self-control.

Lady’s Mantle is great for improving mental awareness, calmness, and clarity, especially in stressful situations.

Monkey Flower is a bright yellow, uplifting flower which helps to reduce overactive emotions and is excellent for maintaining personal boundaries.

Laurel brings you clarity and perspective when you’re feeling frantic or stressed, as your energy levels can easily become depleted. At times like these, Laurel can help when you begin to feel both mentally and physically drained or easily lose focus on the task at hand.

The last two solo flower essences in the Calm Me Down Combination are Wild Pansy for resonance and Willowherb for self-mastery. 

Willowherb helps you harness your inner positivity, transforming frantic emotions or vibrations into a calmer energetic state. Willowherb also enables you to take responsibility for your actions and emotional reactions which can support feelings of empowerment and control.

Wild Pansy promotes clarity, peace of mind and lets the love flow freely, which reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety.

In summary, Calm Me Down is an essential daily combination essence to take whenever you feel unable to focus and deal with day-to-day life.

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