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By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, Advanced Essence Practitioner (BFVEA), Health Mentor (Health Creation UK), MA Performance and Health (Thames Valley University of London).

I am about to turn 38 and have never experienced poor health, any chronic symptoms or pain — except for labour pain which I had prepared myself to be ready for and knew was coming! I recently injured my back after a fall, which led to nerve damage and the pain I experienced was like no other. A new lesson began…

As a holistic professional, I knew it was more than the fall. My body was screaming HELP and I had no other option than to stop and listen. One night, after hours of broken sleep and pain, I found myself praying. I began to chant “I’m listening” like a mantra, over and over again. No answer came … but handing over to spirit felt empowering.

As I lay resting on the various beds and floors of our home, I noticed my older boys adopting more gentle speaking tones around me. My toddler came up to me with a hairbrush and began brushing my hair saying, “Stroke mama better”. It was interesting to notice when we’re brave enough to totally let go, we enable others to better give!

As someone who has always had a consistent flow of life energy, experiencing a total depletion led me to dowse of a combination essence. I ‘got’ Life Force, which helped to lift my spirits when I was in acute pain and going into a kind of low energy blues. It gave me energy on the mental and emotional level, which was so comforting.

After being unwell for a few weeks, my fiancé and I began to argue over small, silly things. He was overtired after doing all of his childcare and house chores as well as mine, learning about being in devoted service to allow me the time and space to heal. I was frustrated that I couldn’t help more and had no control over what was going on around me, all of which led to numerous petty arguments. Enter … Eros Room Mist! 

I sprayed Eros Mist all around our bedroom, on the bed pillows and sheets before sleeping. It really helped to bring this pure quality of love and peace to our energetic space. Our words became kinder, leading us back to gentle loving touch in very small ways. What a lifesaver!

Now that I’m on the mend, I’ve been facing some financial decisions both at work and in my personal life which began to trigger my limiting beliefs, so I decided to begin a course of Prosperity Essence. I’ve discovering catching negative thoughts in their tracks as a mindfulness practice works well together with Prosperity. It brought me the qualities of peace, trust and expanded perspective of limitlessness.

As we begin to approach the completion of this season, there seems to be a natural internal pause. A breathing out, a sigh. On one hand this can be felt as gratitude as we review and take stock. On the other, it feels like a natural time for surrendering and seeing what came up for healing … If we are conscious, this can be enlightening!

The lifelong lesson of learning how to be a ‘healthy human’ in mind, body, and spirit is not for the faint hearted! After episodes of pain and disappointment we can sometimes feel like we won’t catch another wave … but the law of nature never fails us, and the figure of eight always picks up again, in one way or another.

In holistic and anthroposophical medicine, we use the figure of eight as a symbol to describe the flow of our health, wellbeing and life force energy. We have high crashing waves of fun energy, expressed potential, outward interaction with the world … followed by a slowing down, coming in to land, nesting, resting and restoring before we rise again. 

In these times of rest and recuperation I have found Lotus Lily for Aspiration to bring to heart a quality of inner spiritual motivation. Leading towards a place of remembering our inner calling. In a way, once we return to our favourite people, places and activities we are reminded — listen to your heart it’s always right!


Findhorn musician Mike Scott invites us to ‘Bring ’em All In’

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