Hand in Hand

In October 2018 I travelled from Luton to Findhorn by car (with my partner and our daughter) after missing our flight and being told there wasn’t another until after the weekend! I was on my way to attend a 5 day Professional Training with Findhorn Flower Essences and the other two were having a wee jolly! A long but worthwhile journey for all of us.

I was super excited, I’d been looking to learn about Findhorn Flower Essences ever since I stumbled across Marion’s earlier book Findhorn Flower Essences (FFE): Straight to the Heart of the Matter.

Having been introduced to Flower Essences about 17 years ago I understood the subtle, soothing effects of this healing modality. However, it wasn’t until I used Marion’s essences for my own personal healing that I experienced the true power of flower essences.

Arriving in Findhorn I began to understand why Marion’s essences are so dynamic*. Nature rules in Findhorn. Vast skies, the sea, the sand, the river, fresh, clean air, towering Scots Pine, plus the energy of the infamous ‘community’.

Exploring and working with the essences over five days with a group of intuitive, informed women, with the guidance of Iona and Marion was personally transformative. I left feeling revived and inspired, knowing that I wanted to include the lovingly hand made essences into my work as a yoga therapist.

Yoga Therapy refers to the adaptation and application of yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges. It can be used as a support to alleviate or prevent many physical, chronic, psychological or emotional conditions. It is also used to compliment both conventional and alternative medicine.

Introducing the essences to my work has felt natural and has been an organic process. The two modalities are similar; person centred, understanding an individuals needs, present condition, goals, past experiences, and lifestyle.

To begin with I simply introduced the Sacred Mists, a beautiful blend of flower, gem or element essences blended with essential oils. I use them to mist my practice spaces as a means of cleansing and purifying the physical space before clients arrive and after they’ve departed. I now use them to mist my clients aura as they rest after any body, breath or sound work they have taken.

The Sacred Mists have become hugely popular amongst my pregnant clients, who I mist with Sacred Light before a long guided relaxation. The Birthing Combination Flower Essence is also becoming a staple in these sessions.

Through my yoga therapy work I often work with clients who have experienced trauma or are suffering from stress, anxiety, worry depression, lack of focus or direction. I use various yoga techniques including body, breath and sound work, meditation and relaxation techniques to help the client to heal. I was interested to observe how the essences would benefit my clients.

As part of my certification with FFE I was required to complete several case studies. I chose to work with existing yoga therapy clients, together we explored problems and issues, personal purposes, specific emotions in a similar way to how we work in a yoga therapy session. The only difference being that at the end of the session they went away with a little bottle of flower essences as opposed to a bespoke yoga practice.

It was wonderful to hear the impact the essences had on clients well-being. They shared that they were more able to cope with current issues, they noticed personal relationships change, related differently to past trauma, noticed a change to erratic sleep patterns, the list goes on.

It’s still very early days for me and I’m only just beginning to get to know the 49 essences, however, introducing the essences to my practice has added another layer to my healing work, another way for individuals to bring their multi-dimensional self into balance, to explore their unique self and realise their true potential. I’m excited and intrigued to see how yoga therapy and the essences continue to blossom hand in hand going forward.

*Marion developed most of the essences from flowers indigenous to the region

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